Frequently Asked Questions

There isn't much I don't know about Honda Actys, from how to get your hands on spare parts, to technical mechanical queries. If your question isn't answered here then please ask me.  I'll reply to your email and update this page to hopefully help the next person who needs the same details.

Q. Where is the horn?
Behind the front bumper (early model with metal bumpers thre are 5 bolts, 2x each side in the cab,& 1x behind the number plate). Also you have to remove the winker units. With the bumper removed, but wires still on, try giving a tap with a small hammer. That usually works!!!

Q. What fuel can I use?
Unleaded, all Actys were made to run on two star.

Q. Why does my van have rust spots on the seams?
All vans & pick-up were coated in high finish primer. They were meant to have a top coat of finish paint in your company colours, and then to be sign written, of this is what Honda thought we would do.  As so few people did this, they rust. 

Q. What do I do when the metal heater pipes rust & leak?
Cut out the rusted pipe & replace with normal rubber heater hose.  Tip - keep a small piece of pipe to join at the front. If not, use half inch copper pipe.

Q. Why have I lost drive to the wheels, i.e. cannot drive forwards or backwards?
The most common thing is the rear brake-drum splines have stripped, due to the big nut not being tightened to 125 lbs/ft. Don't forget to check BOTH SIDES!
Should this happen, a second hand brake-drum can be fitted call me on 07974 570 235, or drop me a mail -
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