Acty Vans and Pickups

Plenty of detail here to follow about current Vans and Pickups, as well as a fair bit of history
Q & A about 55o actys 
Q where is the horn .
A behind the front bumper 
Q why does my van /pick up have rust spots .
A when it came to the uk honda assumed it paint & sign writen .so it was only in primer !!!
Q what do i do when metel heater pipes rust through under front 
A cut out rusty part of pipe ,& replace with rubber pipe .dont foget to top up anti freeze .
Q on old vans /pick up with points .poor staring & overrun
when switch off .
A this is usaly cauced by no point gap .caused by the heel of ponits wearing because no lub on cam (grease on yor finger not to much ) clean & reset gap or fit new .dont forget grease or you will stop again in two weeks !!!
Point no  22270 Intermotor 
Q Why do i have no drivre to rear wheels 
A most common cause is stiped spline on one of rear brake drums .this is caused by it not being tightened properley,
150 lbs ft or as tight as an air gun will go !!
A change drum , the spline will be ok its case hardened , refit & tighten to 150 !!!!!! then check the other side is tight 
or you will be in the same boat soon !!!

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